Distractions and Nano

Well, day three of Nano and I seem to have written about 1k of words for my story. It is a good start, but due to unforeseen events I have found myself very distracted. Do you know how unproductive it is to give yourself a limit per day and talking, gossiping and even daydreaming instead of that limit? My first Nano Project was for Camp Nano, and I was so happy with my end result. Now, I look at my story and feel a sense of dismay. I have 20 plus days to turn this around.

But on top of this, I have coursework, part time job and fan fictions that require my attention…I am such a busy bee! So much to do. I suppose this would be a good way to add in anti stress techniques? Well I only have three myself, and that is music, cuddles and video games. Food is a bad habit to fall into and so is caffeine! Some people relax with baths or showers, or even naps. It all depends on the type of stress that afflicts you. Trust me, we all get it at least once in our lives.

You are probably wondering what my story is about. Well I will give you a slight peek into the workings that make up my project. I normally write a fan fiction or something. Something I love and is easy, y’know? But this time, I wanted to make something mine and in honor of something important to my life. So, I am writing about Death saving someone who chose to make a mistake instead of fighting. Dark, I know, but things like this don’t get talked about enough. And maybe this story might help someone one day?

Overall, don’t let distractions pressure you into stress induced events. It will only lead to slugishness and other bad JuJu. And no one wants that! So stay happy, my little worker bees. And know that Alpicasso is sometimes normal too…

♥ Alpicasso


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