Playing Catch up

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog and that is totally my own fault. The urge to write has left me completely and finding the will to attempt has fallen down dramatically. However, the first day of Camp I seem to have had a bolt of lightning hit my creativity and I have caught up so fast. I am almost surprised at it. But shhh, don’t spook it. It’s a fickle thing after all.

Let’s have a quick update, shall we?

January was well, lets say it was OK. I can’t really recall the month but things must have been pretty chill and relaxing. I made no new years resolution and to be frank, it’s the best thing ever. There is no disappointment in not doing it at all.
February was different, it was full of birthdays that bled me dry and Valentines Day. I love Valentines, namely because I can make things for people that I love and spend some time with my partner and not feel guilty about it.
March was awesome, with Nate’s birthday and Andromeda coming out there was allot of hours spent playing video games. That’s about it.

Overall, I cannot recall what has actually happened except certain events that I still think about. I just recently finished my game and let me tell you, it was partly anti climatic but had one hell of a plot twist. Much love to Bioware and EA for making my life that bit more entertaining. So my plan for this blog is to share things and this is just to catch up!

♥ Alpicasso


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