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The Big Step

In keeping with the spirit of a new blog, the first thing I want to talk about is the subject of Babies. Having found out I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, this has become a very important thing to me. And trust me, there is so much advice, what not to do and lists out there for the mum to be’s, that the whole thing is a little overwhelming at the start.

So let’s start with breaking the B-bomb to the family. Good or bad, baby news is a big thing. It’s exhilarating, completely terrifying and overall a jumble of hormones. For couples who have been trying, the news is often met with extreme happiness. For couples that have just done a test and still sat on the toilet, it’s a little bit less and allot more shock. Baby news gives everyone a mix of emotions when they hear it and I have just been witness to firsthand at this.

Most will be supportive and happy, being excited for you and wanting to prepare with you are the main aspects they offer. Where as some others that you care about might react with a little lack luster. This isn’t because they are angry at you or anything. But they are worried about you overall, as a baby is a lifetime commitment and many aren’t ready for this. But try to remember that you are the keeper of your own life and where these worries might be good to listen too, don’t let that dampen the joy of having a baby can bring.

I have spent the last few days looking up pregnancy and new born hints and tips, like how to bathe a newborn with or without a bath support. The importance of a muslin cloth and not to get crazy when buying stuff for the baby. Also the importance of books and clothes are sort of equal as the first few weeks the baby doesn’t really need fancy clothes. Also, Mothercare is great for items that you had no idea of but terrible for wallet and budget. So, second hand is a god send, as is Amazon. The things that I have found very good are namely Emma’s Diary (Blessing I found within the first few hours) and the main Cow&Gate, SMA or Aptimil sites. Not only are they great for feeding tips, but they have whole sections on pregnancy.

Overall, the first few weeks after finding out are a waiting game. It’s all a countdown to my first Antenatal appointment, then it will be looking through everything she or he gives me to focus on. I will post next week to go over morning sickness and the lovely little pill called Folic Acid.

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