Hey there! I am Alpicasso, a 22 year old rainbow alpaca from Manchester. I live in my own flat with my slightly addled pet human (he likes to think he is my boyfriend) and our three lizards and furry ball of evil incarnate. I work part time in a private Nursery and I am currently learning level 3 in childcare! What a clever alpaca I am!

This blog is literally my latest attempt at being sociable and a little bit adventurous because, let’s be honest, who has time for walking The Great Wall of China anyway? I am what I like to call a fledgling writer, I love to make up stories and daydream but I have a terrible habit of forgetting said stories after writing them about halfway. (Trust me when I say when I reread some, I hate myself for not finishing XD)
I am also a DIY enthusiast, I love making things but never seem to have the money to splurge on all the little tools I need. Thankfully, my pet human has all the tools from his builder phase. Aren’t humans adorable?
I LOVE Disney, and I mean LOVE. I am currently collecting the classics and I do believe I have watched Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and The little Mermaid at least 10 times in the last week alone. Sorry, not Sorry?
Finally, I am a gamer. My favorite has got to be the Dragon Age trilogy and the Mass effect trilogy. So, I may or may not post everyday. My current obsession is Diablo III. And I use the word Obsession lightly…

So this is me, and my rainbowness, and I hope you enjoy your time in my little patch of wonderland ❤

♥ Alpicasso