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Stess and how to not let it get on top of you

There are many situations that are stressful. Many of which are classed as life events that everyone should go through, this doesn’t make it easy or on any way better.

You see, my experience of stress has been plenty as of late. Mainly due to taking on allot of resposibility for this little person I made (he has his fathers attitude). On top of that we are in the middle of moving and planning a wedding. Crazy, right?

So our house has been chaos for what seems like forever. Little money due to deposits and double rent means we can’t just pop down to the local takeaway and eat the stress away. Which sounds like an awesome idea until you have to burn that fat off. Not fun.

Having a baby also means that we can’t just stay in bed all day. Long gone are the bed days or lie ins and to be frank I don’t miss them as much as I thought. Little cheekysaurus is a great distraction  when those niggly thoughts and worries appear.

Packing and unpacking is he’ll and whoever does that for a living, I feel bad for you. Like allot. I mean the boxes themselves vary between large and heavy to tiny and light. We have got our bedrooms mostly done which is a godsend but downstairs looks like a building site.

Which brings me to another stress point. We have no kitchen. I don’t mean that figuratively either. Before moving our landlord decided to revamp the house and got all new equipment. The downside? The builder he hired is pretty much taking his time. Which leaves us with a kitchen without a cooker, fridge or drawers. I miss the days where I could cook in my own home and didn’t have to worry about traipsing dust onto my lovely new carpet.

How have I stayed sane during this, I hear you ask? Truthfully, I havent. I’m as crazy as you think I am. Close to pulling my hair out if it weren’t for this lovely invention called daytime tv and chocolate. Cuddles help too.

So if your going through a stressful time right now and feel like the world is going loopy. Best thing to do is breathe, have a day off (turn your phone off and just lay in bed if you can) and play some games. Or maybe go for a walk to the park?

That or eat your weight in chocolate like I’m currently doing. I do not feel guilty whatsoever because I’m sharing with my baby and he loves his buttons!



Forgotten Update?

Well hello! How long has it been? Over a year! Wow. I am so bad at blogging that I should get an award for it. Anyway, lets update you all on whats been happening over in Alpicasso corner, shall we?

First things first, bouncing baby boy was born on his due date. I want to say the birth was alright but honestly I cannot recall (Probably blocking it out due to pain and drugs). Apparently, for my partner it was not fun but the little bundle of cuddles we got to take home was worth it. We won’t go into names, weight and what have you and I shall refer to him only as Cheekysaurus as that is his nickname.

Second thing on the agenda is my partner of 6 years and I are finally getting married. After years of avoiding it (me secretly planning on eloping) and not even considering the fact of how much a wedding actually costs. Because believe me, you really don’t need the stress!!

Third thing is probably how different everything is after a baby. Body, Mental health, Mental capabilities and even how you sleep at night are all affected. To be honest I was forgetful before baby, and I seem to be worse now! (hormones and lack of sleep, honest) I remember the important things like keeping my little dino all clean and happy, but I do forget to eat myself sometimes. Or get dressed. Or updating stories and blogs. Or replying to my single, child-free friends….

ANYWAY, off topic. This is just a little news block that tells all my followers (if I even have any hahaha…) that I am alive! And I am hoping to get back into some of the things I had before I became a mummysaurus. <—- Not Sorry!

❤ Alpicasso!


Little wonderings

Bra’s: Why they make you cry.

If you are female, then you already know why. If you are not, then I believe you are lucky. So very, very lucky. Bra’s are a very temperamental creature. You have soft, pretty and frilly ones that cost an arm and a leg (Lets say £30?). You have sturdy, comfy bras that set you back a pretty penny or two (My comfy bra cost £24 as a set. Praise ASDA) and then you have the useless but beautiful bras or the reverse ugly but practical bras (These range from £10 to £200).

Then you have sizes. You have the A’s, B’s, C’s which are classed as basic ( I am happily in the B section, though I doubt for much longer *sad face*) and then you have D’s, E’s, F’s. These girls are always stuck with the duller bras. I feel bad for them because you walk through the bra section and you have all these pretty bra’s and their largest size is a 30C or something. Which is totally unfair. AND not to mention that one size in one shop or brand could mean a totally different size in another. OR you are unlucky enough to be one of the few people who slip through the sizes. Have you ever seen a size 27B or even a 29D? Nope. It’s like shoe sizes but you have to sacrifice allot of comfort.

Because if you wear the wrong size bra, you are met with a wholllleeeee list of bad things. Back pain, chest pain (in dire situations), bad body posture, lack of self esteem (yep, wrong bra sizes affect your mental health too!), breast ache and bad breast ligaments (bet you didn’t know that!) and sometimes you can get bad skin conditions. Redness, dryness or even marks left by the bra itself. SO! Bra’s can cause a whole lotta problems but they can also improve some things too. (at the moment, I see a few but they are there~)


Now, that’s just the basics, because now you have to face a whole lot more. Underwire, push up, strapless, backless, padded, underwear sets and god knows what else is out there on the market. That is enough to make any person’s head spin. I mean how to choose what is right for you without sacrificing confidence and such? With women being constantly pushed down for looks and shamed for being too revealing or too basic. The truth is, you don’t. It is like that silly diagram, you have to choose between looks, comfy level, correct size and practicality. You only get to pick two. Good Luck.

The reason I am having this half rant, half grumble is because pregnancy does things to your entire body. Namely, hormones. For the past week or so my bra’s have been getting increasingly less comfy and more a pain in my moody butt. And the idea of buying a whole new bunch of bra’s makes me wanna cry. Like full on bawl, because even my lucky bra is causing me pain. *Grumble Grumble*

So, the best thing to do is to buy three or four comfy bra’s, two ‘Sexy’ bra’s and then any others you prefer and only wear them outside the house. Because why would you need them inside? Hm, maybe if you needed the suppose to get rid of more harsh back pain…You see? The problems never end for women. And this is just for bra’s. Don’t even get me started on clothes in general…

End of rant?

♥ Alpicasso


Little wonderings

The Big Step

In keeping with the spirit of a new blog, the first thing I want to talk about is the subject of Babies. Having found out I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, this has become a very important thing to me. And trust me, there is so much advice, what not to do and lists out there for the mum to be’s, that the whole thing is a little overwhelming at the start.

So let’s start with breaking the B-bomb to the family. Good or bad, baby news is a big thing. It’s exhilarating, completely terrifying and overall a jumble of hormones. For couples who have been trying, the news is often met with extreme happiness. For couples that have just done a test and still sat on the toilet, it’s a little bit less and allot more shock. Baby news gives everyone a mix of emotions when they hear it and I have just been witness to firsthand at this.

Most will be supportive and happy, being excited for you and wanting to prepare with you are the main aspects they offer. Where as some others that you care about might react with a little lack luster. This isn’t because they are angry at you or anything. But they are worried about you overall, as a baby is a lifetime commitment and many aren’t ready for this. But try to remember that you are the keeper of your own life and where these worries might be good to listen too, don’t let that dampen the joy of having a baby can bring.

I have spent the last few days looking up pregnancy and new born hints and tips, like how to bathe a newborn with or without a bath support. The importance of a muslin cloth and not to get crazy when buying stuff for the baby. Also the importance of books and clothes are sort of equal as the first few weeks the baby doesn’t really need fancy clothes. Also, Mothercare is great for items that you had no idea of but terrible for wallet and budget. So, second hand is a god send, as is Amazon. The things that I have found very good are namely Emma’s Diary (Blessing I found within the first few hours) and the main Cow&Gate, SMA or Aptimil sites. Not only are they great for feeding tips, but they have whole sections on pregnancy.

Overall, the first few weeks after finding out are a waiting game. It’s all a countdown to my first Antenatal appointment, then it will be looking through everything she or he gives me to focus on. I will post next week to go over morning sickness and the lovely little pill called Folic Acid.

♥ Alipcasso



Playing Catch up

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog and that is totally my own fault. The urge to write has left me completely and finding the will to attempt has fallen down dramatically. However, the first day of Camp I seem to have had a bolt of lightning hit my creativity and I have caught up so fast. I am almost surprised at it. But shhh, don’t spook it. It’s a fickle thing after all.

Let’s have a quick update, shall we?

January was well, lets say it was OK. I can’t really recall the month but things must have been pretty chill and relaxing. I made no new years resolution and to be frank, it’s the best thing ever. There is no disappointment in not doing it at all.
February was different, it was full of birthdays that bled me dry and Valentines Day. I love Valentines, namely because I can make things for people that I love and spend some time with my partner and not feel guilty about it.
March was awesome, with Nate’s birthday and Andromeda coming out there was allot of hours spent playing video games. That’s about it.

Overall, I cannot recall what has actually happened except certain events that I still think about. I just recently finished my game and let me tell you, it was partly anti climatic but had one hell of a plot twist. Much love to Bioware and EA for making my life that bit more entertaining. So my plan for this blog is to share things and this is just to catch up!

♥ Alpicasso


Distractions and Nano

Well, day three of Nano and I seem to have written about 1k of words for my story. It is a good start, but due to unforeseen events I have found myself very distracted. Do you know how unproductive it is to give yourself a limit per day and talking, gossiping and even daydreaming instead of that limit? My first Nano Project was for Camp Nano, and I was so happy with my end result. Now, I look at my story and feel a sense of dismay. I have 20 plus days to turn this around.

But on top of this, I have coursework, part time job and fan fictions that require my attention…I am such a busy bee! So much to do. I suppose this would be a good way to add in anti stress techniques? Well I only have three myself, and that is music, cuddles and video games. Food is a bad habit to fall into and so is caffeine! Some people relax with baths or showers, or even naps. It all depends on the type of stress that afflicts you. Trust me, we all get it at least once in our lives.

You are probably wondering what my story is about. Well I will give you a slight peek into the workings that make up my project. I normally write a fan fiction or something. Something I love and is easy, y’know? But this time, I wanted to make something mine and in honor of something important to my life. So, I am writing about Death saving someone who chose to make a mistake instead of fighting. Dark, I know, but things like this don’t get talked about enough. And maybe this story might help someone one day?

Overall, don’t let distractions pressure you into stress induced events. It will only lead to slugishness and other bad JuJu. And no one wants that! So stay happy, my little worker bees. And know that Alpicasso is sometimes normal too…

♥ Alpicasso



So, I do believe that Halloween lasts more then one day a year. I like to think it’s the entire month! But alas, I can’t do creepy or fun stuff every day. So the past two weeks I have been prepping this party that I had last night. I went all out, and I mean decorations, alcohol and games. And I invited all my friends and such. It was such a giddy rush to get dressed up and get drunk. And I mean the horrible hungover drunk that you wish you really hadn’t.

So let me tell you vaguely what happened. People turned up in awesome costumes, we had two vampires, two gas mask creatures and me. The corpse bride. It was so fun to see what they wanted to be and even more so to listen to how they got their costumes. Did you know you could easily make a zombie or vampire outfit without spending a fortune? Charity shops. Best resource for cosplay’s and costumes since it went mainstream!

Always have a look in Charity shops, you have no idea what you might find!
From teapots to books, and shoes to dresses.

So we all started drinking, and let me tell you one thing I have learned. If you want to get your friends wasted fast, play Ring of Fire. All you need is a pint glass and a deck of cards. For the rules, just google it. Because there are so many varieties to the game, and if you want to make it special and unique then do so. It is your night, so make it yours. Anyway, we played ring of fire and it was hilarious, at one point we had a rule where after each turn we had to say a quote from Shrek!  Another point, if one person drank because of the cards, everyone else had too as well.

And let me tell you one thing, waterfall is evil. Waterfall is basically when the person who draws the Ace has to down their drink and everyone has to do the same. They can only stop if you run out or the person who drew the ace stops. Some people can handle it very well and these people always seem to get the Aces. Like my Pet, he is really good at waterfall and I do believe that the reason I was so drunk was because of him.

So here we are, five young adults sat around a pint glass, laughing at each other because really it was stupid the things we had to do because a piece of card told us too. But I would not change it, because it was sooooo fun! I learned more about my friends in that one night then countless coffee dates or ‘sleep overs’ could combined. Mainly because when you run out of questions that seem normal you tend to lean towards the more complex ones. Like what’s your dream holiday or dream man?

Never ask a question that you don’t want the answer too…
Because it’s not their fault, if you don’t like it.

Around midnight people started falling asleep. And that’s when me and my friends found out that the one who couldn’t handle her drink finally had enough. And it is not so funny when you find her hugging the toilet saying it was her best friend.  I do believe that I have a thing in my head that lets me help people even if I can’t walk straight. Like making sure she didn’t down a glass of water because she would have probably thrown it back up.

I have two others helpful tips for if you a drunk and throwing up. Do not lie down, sit up with a bow, pan or bin. Have a glass of water and take little sips. If you feel like you have too much of a bad taste then wash your mouth out with water. And finally, make sure someone is there with you. Because being dehydrated is very bad and can become serious if not watched by someone.

*that is me trying to adult, people…*

Well, maybe not. Since I am doing the same tonight! Hehe, Happy Halloween!

♥ Alpicasso


How to Adult 101

In the last week of September I spent my time in Greece with one of my best and oldest friends. I stayed with her, and her family in their apartment and I learnt some things like breakfast and home-cooked food. You see, I live alone with my pet human and if I don’t make myself food, then I simply don’t eat. Which is a very bad habit, let me tell you. I can recall my childhood and always having food in to eat, scoff or even stash for later so my brother or sister didn’t get it before me. But as adulthood settles in all around me I come to the realization that maybe, I should stop eating pot noodles and takeaway, and start planning my days better.


So I went shopping today, with the thought in mind to cook my own food (some of the time anyway) and I have to tell you, it is not cheap to be self sustaining. Fresh fruit and veg? While good for you goes off way too quickly, and even if you freeze it or manage to eat it on time. It is expensive not to go for cheap options like apples, oranges or bananas. Melon is good, if you can eat the whole thing on your own. But raspberries, strawberries and blueberries? We grow them here and still its like £3 a bonnet (one pack) and they do not last a week!

Bread is another weekly must according to most people, and I find that we don’t eat one loaf a week. We have gotten around the moldiness by freezing. However, this does decline the quality of the bread and unless you want slightly toasted sandwiches for the rest of your days then I suggest only buying bread when you need it. Milk and eggs also go in this little box of damn the BBD/UBD. I mean have you ever woken up at 2am and really wanted some cookie crisp but your milk has that weird smell and you really don’t want to risk it.

Live dangerously, because who really need’s Best Before or Use By?

Now, we move on the other bits that often end up in my trolley. Super noodles, meals in a box and passttaaaa~ Three main food groups for students everywhere. And while this is cheap and good and safe, it is also really really bad for you. You become semi-dependent on them and well, why make a fool of yourself trying to make the perfect homemade lasagna when you can have one already in a tray?
I will tell you, you don’t! I mean, my mother has one day a week where she batch cooks all her meals for that week from scratch and then freezes it. Which, is a really good idea if you have a two freezers. Alas, I only have one and my frozen chips come first.

And then we have the final block, the problem most people my age have, and that is buying stuff you really don’t need. Like, I didn’t have much money with me on my shopping trip today but I just had to get something halloween-y because, why not? and that just sort of snowballed to buying snack foods and pop and yadda, yadda, yadda. Some can hold that urge and be all adult like. Me? I see a little set of cow stickers and I just have to have them. Notebooks too. Oh and sweets. I am such a sweet tooth…

Nothing beats a low mood more then Nutella, all you need is a bed, a spoon and a jar ♥

So my piece of advice for all those young adults, children and other people who look at my generation and sigh. We are trying, but those pink fluffy Animal bedsocks are vital to my survival. And besides, if we can feed ourselves just one normal meal that was home cooked. Then I take that as an achievement! But maybe next time I will make a shopping list…

♥ Alpicasso


First Steps

cutenessSo, my first blog post. Not as exciting as I was hoping, more nerve wrecking. I mean, we have all got a tumblr somewhere, right? RIGHT? *ahem*
But as you are starting something and making sure that it’s completely yours is hard and takes effort, but fun to try at least. I usually don’t do things like this, I mean I am a gamer, I prefer to appreciate other’s lovely work and that sounded completely weird…Anyway! I was corrupted into thinking this was a good idea, and I say corrupted because that’s what happens when you have writers for friends. And they all have blogs and they all drink coffee. Starbucks is the devil.

What’s the point in being an adult, if you can’t be childish sometimes? – The Doctor

Besides, there isn’t much I know on blogging or what they are supposed to have in them. Nor do I know off the top of my head what I should be actually doing or planning or writing on this thing. Is there a how to blog for dummies anywhere?
I see all these people saying you should aim to inspire people or aim to make money from adverts and I just think, “Why can’t it be silly and fun and not mean a thing?”, and then I remember that’s what most stereotypical humans say to each other. Adulthood sucks. Just saying.

Anyway, I say, how do you inspire someone you have never met? How can you add adverts when you know how annoying they can be?
The answer? You don’t. They inspire themselves. An example that I can use is myself, You see my best friends are amazing and just doing things with them makes me think I, too can be amazing. And I hate adverts, because they make me buy things like overpriced cereal and flavored milk. Bah, TV is also the devil.

So my first post is to apologize for the amount of nonsense that will soon be on here, and to say thank you for just skimming over this or even, by your own free will, you decide to stay. Because I might not know you, but you will soon know me quite well and that makes us friends. Or as my friend sparkles (the lovely unicorn I have with me right now) likes to say that even the smallest of friendships can still be magical. She is a unicorn after all.

“It’s going to be a unicorns and rainbows kind of day…” – Pinterest


I mean honestly, this is like my own little monologue of crazy and you are actually reading it! I am sorry for any adverse effects this may cause to your own sanity and any other side effects you may feel. Me and my alter ego (Alpicasso) find it hard not to be a little crazy at least once and my pet human seemed to love me, so there’s that. Anyway, the piece of advice I give you today is kinda basic 🙂 “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a gift, that is why they call it the Present.”
When I first heard this I was deeply amused by it because it’s the kind of punny jokes I like and it has a kernel of truth in it. Basically, don’t let the ghosts of yesterday ruin your tomorrow. Look at me! Being all inspiring and stuff. Anyway, that’s me logging off, see you next time!

♥ Apicasso